Author: Ashok Nag

On Darwin- Q&A with ChatGPT

Question:  Is there any objection to Darwin’s hypothesis about evolution on scientific ground? Answer: Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is widely accepted among scientists as the best explanation for the diversity of life on Earth. However, there are still some debates and objections among scientists regarding certain aspects of the theory. One of […]

My Chat with ChatGPT

Ashok         Is there any religion which is logically consistent? For example, Hindu religion says this universe was created by their God. But it cannot explain why their God allowed Islam to take root. Similarly, Islam cannot explain why it took so many millenniums to find a prophet to reveal its truth. The existence of so […]

Part 3: My Understanding of Blockchain

Use cases of Blockchain- Beyond Crypto Currency Although Bitcoin, the pioneer cryptocurrency, and its multiple variants are the most talked about use cases of the blockchain technology, the conceptual framework of blockchain can be used in many areas without even adhering to the architectural framework of cryptocurrencies. In this 3rd part of the series on […]

RBI’s Concept Note on CBDC: A Review

RBI has issued a concept note on CBDC on October 7, 2022. The stated objective for publication of this note is “to create awareness about CBDCs in general and the planned features of the digital Rupee”.  Incidentally in February 2020 RBI bulletin had published an article on Distributed Ledger Technique. This article had discussed DLT […]

Block Chain – for my own understanding:

Part1: Definitional Issues I am trying to understand the concept and use cases of blockchain. I plan to put up a series of blogs on this subject as I navigate through the complexity of the subject. I will be more than happy to receive any response pointing out flaws in my understanding. Please write to […]

Indo-Pacific Economic Framework- A surrogate NATO for South and East Asian Countries?

To understand the driver of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework(IPEF) that has been launched on 24 May by 13 countries of South-East Asia including 4 members of the QUAD group and most of the ASEAN countries, we need to understand the interplay of regional and global aspirations of and challenges faced by these countries.  The first […]

Central Bank Digital Currency

I am providing a link below to the latest version of my paper. The Reserve Bank of India has declared that it will start a pilot project on the issuance of CBDC. The former Governor Subbarao has strongly cautioned RBI against any interest payment on account-based CBDC. Please see my detailed discussion on various issues […]