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Block Chain – for my own understanding:

Part1: Definitional Issues I am trying to understand the concept and use cases of blockchain. I plan to put up a series of blogs on this subject as I navigate through the complexity of the subject. I will be more than happy to receive any response pointing out flaws in my understanding. Please write to […]

Cryptocurrency Markets- concentrated and top heavy

Distrust in  fiat currency, controlled by a state, was one of the principal motivations in designing of  the Bitcoin protocol. It was designed  to be a decentralized system of creation of new money by a transparent computational algorithm.  Any person participating in the currency’s ecosystem can run this algorithm on a computer and generate new […]

Central Bank Digital Currency -a Blueprint

eRupiah: RBI’s Virtual Cash Key words: Central Bank Digital Currency, public key-private key cryptography, Digital currency wallet, Corruption, Introduction: No currency has ever been used in the human history which did not have the stamp of an authority. Bitcoin is a medium of payment but it is not money for the same reason. Nonetheless, the […]

Central Bank Cryptocurrency Currency

Central Bank CryptoCurrency (CBCC): Digital currency is currently in news.  Russia and China is reported to be on the verge of issuing official cryptocurrency.  CME, the world’s largest exchange, is planning to introduce future on Bitcoin by the end of this year.Here Here  In my last post I have explained why Bitcoin can be considered […]

Bitcoin- Comment on Aswath Damodaran’s Post

Prof Aswath Damodaran (AD, henceforth) is a well-known name in the field of corporate finance and valuation of financial products. It is unfortunate that despite his formidable reputation in valuation of financial products, his latest “Musing on market” is a complete let down (You can read complete post here). He starts the blog by classifying […]